Here are examples of how I can help your company increase your ROI:

create an ROI dashboard
A common but important challenge for marketers is to effectively measure the results and associated costs of their campaigns. I help partners creatively conceptualize key indicators of performance that provide strategic clarity. Web analytics are critical to this, as is the integration of conversion data from multiple channels: email; phone; mobile; in-store; etc.

lower costs
With an effective ROI dashboard in place, it becomes easier to identify and quantify what's working and what's not. From a macro-level, cost-per-result metrics will reveal which programs are profitable, while at a micro-level, web analytics can reveal the effectiveness of specific sources. Also key to this process is identifying opportunity costs of time-consuming programs, and other operational inefficiencies.

increase revenue
Meaningful metrics also make it easier to identify one's most profitable customer segments and products, and to shift marketing focus accordingly. Example methods of increasing revenue include: email marketing; loyalty marketing; and referral networks.

apply cost-effective creativity
The fun really starts once proper metrics are in place such that you can measure your experiments and actions, while understanding how your customers interact with the many digital channels available to them.

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