Quick Links to Singing Machine’s Karaoke Systems, Music  and Accessories:

CDG Karaoke Systems
Newest Models: STVG-999, iSM-1010
Portable: SMG-137, SMG-151, SMG-170, SMG-177, SMG-182, SMG-183, SML-385, STVG-512, STVG-513, STVG-520, STVG-535, SMVG-608, SMVG-610, SMVG-620, STVG-718
Video Camera: STVG-520, STVG-535, SMVG-608, SMVG-610, SMVG-620, STVG-718, STVG-999
Pedestal: STVG-999, iSM-1010
Disco Light: SML-385

Bratz™ Music and Electronics Products
Passion 4 Fashion
Movie Stars

Karaoke Digital Products
iPod Docking: iSM-370, iSM-1010
SD Card Slot and USB Port: SMD-568, SMD-570
DVD Player: SMD-808, STVD-919, STVD-1001, SMI-1222

Karaoke Music CDGs
Original Motown for Karaoke
Pop Hits for Karaoke
Original Karaoke Master Recordings
Christmas and Holiday Karaoke Music
Ultimate Classic Karaoke Music Collection

Karaoke Musical Instruments
Electronic Keyboards: SMI-1410, SMI-1420
Electronic Drum Sets: SMI-1450, SMI-1452, SMI-1456, SMI-1460

Karaoke Accessories
Microphones: SMM-106, SMM-107, SMM-205
Headsets: SMM-111, SMM-112
Converters: SMM-117

Join Our Online Karaoke Community!

The Singing Machine’s new online karaoke community is the place to showcase and share your passion for karaoke music.

We offer the most dynamic and feature rich online karaoke platform that includes:
  • The largest online library of licensed karaoke songs in the world
  • Unlimited access to thousands of karaoke songs for premium members
  • Free trial offer with 250 free songs and thousands of 30-second karaoke samples
  • Ability to play or record your karaoke performance online
  • Free Karaoke audio effects kit for annual members – a $39.95 value!
Take advantage of our free trial offer to learn more and take part in the Karaoke Revolution! To get started click here.

About The Singing Machine Company

The Singing Machine Company designs, develops, and distributes a full line of home entertainment karaoke machines and systems, in addition to karaoke music, youth electronics, musical instruments and accessories under The Singing Machine®, Motown®, Bratz™, SMDigital™ brand names. The first to provide karaoke systems for the home in the United States, Singing Machine sells its products in North America, Europe, Australia, Central and South America. To learn more click here.
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